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Honesty Lab offers lectures, workshops, and evening events for your company retreat, festival, workplace, yoga studio, wellness center, mental health clinic, spiritual community, or home. 

All events and workshops are led by Honesty Lab founder, John Rosania.


Evening Event

What is Radical Honesty? - Evening workshop 

Learn the power of honest communication skills and the basics of radical honesty in a fun, supportive environment. Part lecture, part group exercises, this evening gets people excited about the benefits of bringing more honesty to their relationships and their life. 

Typical running time: 2-3 hours


Weekend Workshop Intensive


Weekend Workshop Intensive

Nothing can substitute for the fun, intensity, and challenge of a live weekend workshop. We create a supportive environment for you to experiment with telling the truth while guiding you through the key Radical Honesty skills. This workshop will change how you see yourself and your relationships. You'll walk away with tools to get over the past, build connection in the present, and create a compelling future for yourself. 

Typical Running time: Friday night, Sat, Sun or just Sat and Sun.
Typical Number of Participants: 15-20

More info about Weekend Workshops here.



Honesty Lab Founder, Workshop Leader, Speaker, Counselor, CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises


John is the founder of Honesty Lab and a certified Radical Honesty Trainer. Since 2013, he has practiced under the guidance of Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne. John also completed the Community Counselor Training at the Southern California Counseling Center.

John leads the Radical Honesty Lab Los Angeles Meetup and has led radical honesty-based weekend workshops and evening events around the country.

John talking about Radical Honesty on CBS.

John talking about Radical Honesty on CBS.


Before founding Honesty Lab, John was the Head of Coaching and Director of Content at the Clean Program where he developed educational modules and coached VIP clients under the guidance of Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D. He has led live trainings and workshops at companies such as Manduka, Google, and Martha Stewart Living.

John has a BA in Philosophy and is a contributing author to two New York Times bestselling books, Clean Gut and Clean Eats. He is currently a resident-in-training at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.


Testimonials about Honesty Lab Events



"John Rosania has been practicing Radical Honesty for more than 5 years now, and he knows how and why it works. Take his course and he'll show you how intimacy based on honest sharing is the very source of happiness between and among people."

-Brad Blanton, Ph.D., author of Radical Honesty