Honesty Lab

Develop the courage to be yourself.
Radical Honesty Weekend Workshops


We create an honest environment for you to experiment.

There are so few places where we give ourselves permission to be fully who we are.

Our relationships, families, and workplaces are often built on lies, withholdings, and posturing. We edit, self-censor and perform. Over time, our personal sales pitch becomes who we think we are and we end up shamed, stressed, depressed, disconnected and trapped in our thoughts. We think there’s a much more alive way to live, and we want to share it with you.

Honesty Lab creates immersive Weekend Workshops based in Radical Honesty to counteract this situation, encouraging you to share who you really are in a community that values living out loud.

*Note: Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development.

Marvin, European Radical Honesty Trainer

Marvin, European Radical Honesty Trainer

Two trainers, Ely and Selina talk it out. 

Two trainers, Ely and Selina talk it out. 

Brad Blanton, Ph.D, creator of Radical Honesty.

Brad Blanton, Ph.D, creator of Radical Honesty.


Who is this workshop for?


If you're curious (and a little nervous) about leaving your comfort zone and telling the truth about your experience, the weekend workshop is for you.

Join us if you want to:

+ Be completely and compassionately honest

+ Let go of shame, fear, and attachment to approval

+ Relieve stress caused by constant thinking and worrying

+ Use anger and conflict creatively

+ Repair broken relationships

+ Get over past hurts and experience full-body forgiveness

+ Learn the art of asking for what you want

+ Deepen and enliven intimate relationships

+ Create deeper love, connection, and intimacy

+ Be fully yourself in a supportive environment

+ Get support in living out loud with new friends

*We particularly encourage friends and couples (or ex-couples) to do the workshop together, and we hold a special place in our hearts for people who are fed up with workshops and personal growth programs. 


What We Do


During a Weekend Honesty Lab, we experiment in telling the truth out loud and noticing what we discover. Through direct sharing, we quickly see how we hold ourselves back from living the life we want, block intimacy, and use our minds to make ourselves unhappy, disconnected, and depressed.

Radical Honesty principles and skills are taught in a planned experiential sequence to support us in telling the truth and sticking with whatever comes up. 

The weekend includes: 


Weekend Workshop Details

Schedule: Weekend Honesty Labs start Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon. 

Cost: The Weekend Honesty Lab costs vary depending on workshop. See list below.

You may attend Friday evening for $10 to decide if you want to join the workshop.

A typical schedule looks like this:

Friday: Dipping Your Toe in

7-9pm: Introductions, Lectures, Group exercises

Saturday: Fundamentals of Radical Honesty

9:30am-12pm: Lectures, Honesty skill building, Group and Paired Exercises

12-1pm: Lunch/relax

1-7pm: Group and paired exercises, Couple's Work, Hot Seat Work, Lectures, Autogenic relaxation

Sunday: Going Deeper

9:30am-12pm: Process work, Creative conflict resolution, Learning to make requests, Lectures, Hot Seat Work

12-1pm: Lunch/relax

1-4pm: Group Process Work, Appreciations and Resentments, Goodbyes

*Note: Radical Honesty workshops are not psychotherapy, but are a training in personal growth and development.

Upcoming Weekend Workshops