Join the live online introduction to Radical Honesty.


In our 1-Day and 2-Day beginners online workshops, 10-20 people learn the foundations of Radical Honesty while experimenting with telling the truth to each other out loud.

The results are often challenging, hilarious, insightful, and fun.


"John Rosania has been practicing Radical Honesty for more than 6 years now, and he knows how and why it works. Take his course and he'll show you how intimacy based on honest sharing is the very source of happiness between and among people."

-Brad Blanton, Ph.D., author of Radical Honesty

Online Workshop Details

Start Time: 9am PST/ Noon EST/ 5pm (London)
End Time: 3pm PST/ 6pm EST/ 11pm (London
Length: 6 Hours with Lunch/Dinner break
Where: Zoom Webinar
Requirements: None, Everyone interested is invited!
Price: $100 for 1-Day, $210 for 2-Day

2-Day workshops are spread out over two different Saturdays to give time for homework and experiments in between meeting days.

What We Do

The Online workshop is a mixture of lecture, group discussion, group exercises, paired exercises, and conversation. 

Join us if you want to:

+ Be completely and compassionately honest
+ Let go of shame, fear, and attachment to approval
+ Relieve stress caused by constant thinking and worrying
+ Use anger and conflict creatively
+ Repair broken relationships
+ Get over past hurts and experience full-body forgiveness
+ Deepen and enliven intimate relationships
+ Create deeper love, connection, and intimacy
+ Get support in living out loud with new friends


Your Workshop Leader


John Rosania

John is the CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises and the founder of Honesty Lab.

He leads workshops around the country and coaches individuals and couples. 

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Upcoming Online Workshops


In 2018, we had a series of great online workshops.
In 2019, we are focusing on our live, in-person workshop experience.
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