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Lying is a major source of human stress. It wears us out, traps us in our minds, and makes us angry, lonely, and depressed.

Honesty wakes us up, creates intimacy, and reinvigorates our life. When we engage honestly with each other, energy that was wasted on making an impression is suddenly available for real creativity, forgiveness, transformation, and love. 


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Weekend Honesty Labs

Weekend Honesty Labs

Nothing can substitute for the fun, intensity, and challenge of a live workshop. We create a supportive environment for you to experiment with telling the truth while guiding you through the key Radical Honesty skills. 

Plunge in. You're braver than you think. 



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Free Info Call with John

Questions about our workshops, online courses, and counseling services? Book your free info call with John to learn more about Honesty Lab and our offerings.

(Yes, it can be a little scary to talk to a stranger on the phone in today's culture of texting, so booking your call is the first step in your own direct, experiential honesty practice. - John)


A Community Grounded in Honesty and Friendship

2017 Radical Honesty Trainer's Training, Hollywood Florida, USA

2017 Radical Honesty Trainer's Training, Hollywood Florida, USA


Who We Are

We are a community of friends who were starved for freedom, intimacy, and growth.

We came from different countries with different issues. We were lonely and wanted to make friends. We were hurt by our parents and wanted to clean up the past. We were horny and wanted better sex and touch. We were tired of being so nice and not asking for what we wanted. Our relationships were a mess and we wanted to learn how to work with conflict. We were sick of the shame, depression, and bullshit of our minds.

Collectively, we had tried hundreds of personal growth programs, followed gurus, read enough self-help books to make you blue in the face. We had ticked the checklists, spoke the affirmations, done the therapy.

But we rarely had the courage nor the supportive environment to tell the truth about our experience to each other.

So we got together, led by Brad, and Taber, and Raven, and Anne, and Susan, and all the dedicated truth tellers who came before us. We needed each other to check the illusions of our minds and help us work through the mounds of judgments and hurts that we carried.  

We got angry and got over it, fell in love and got over it, got naked and got over it. We stayed with whatever came up, all the shame, rage, joy, attraction, embarrassment by feeling our way through rather than thinking our way around.

It often got worse before it got better. 

With practice, we learned to tell the truth more often, not because it was the "right" thing to do, but because it worked. We recognized that staying with uncomfortable sensations was the key to having them change and pass. Some of us relaxed a bit, became a little less angry, a little less judgmental, and a little more loving to ourselves and others. Many of us became pretty good at having honest relationships and those relationships became stronger and more intimate than anything we had experienced before. 

We still regularly lie, withhold, and manipulate others but sometimes we out ourselves about it and have a good laugh.

We think we're onto something here and we'd like to share it with you. We're pretty sure it will turn out better than you expected, eventually. So come on in, the water's tepid. 

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