Honesty Lab

Honesty Community

We are a community of friends supporting our own and each other's honest sharing. By increasing the contexts where authentic relating is possible, we hope to encourage more healing, freedom, and connection. 




1. What I was scared of before   0:06
2. Normal mode of operation      1:13
3. Insight  2:18
4. Meditation and honesty practice 3:32
5. Honesty and building community 5:05
6. Honesty in daily life 6:49
7. Who is this workshop for? 8:57
8. Better than a movie 10:03


Honesty Lab Meetup Groups

Honesty Lab and Radical Honesty trainers help run community Meetup groups throughout the U.S. 

Los Angeles Radical Honesty Meetup

Denver Radical Honesty Meetup

San Diego Radical Honesty Meetup: COMING SOON