Honesty Lab

Honesty Lab creates live immersive workshops and trainings based in Gestalt Therapy and Radical Honesty, a direct form of communication that leads to intimacy, rapid personal growth, and full-bodied forgiveness. 


Our Team

We are all certified Radical Honesty trainers
or trainers-in-training.



John Rosania
Founder, Trainer


"Honesty practice changed me at the core of my being. Learning the honesty skills improved (most of) my relationships and taught me how to live with more freedom, aliveness, and love." - John

John is the CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises, founder of Honesty Lab, and a certified Radical Honesty Trainer. Since 2013, he has been training under the guidance of Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne. John has completed the Community Counselor Training at the Southern California Counseling Center and is currently a graduate student in psychology at Cal State University.

Before founding Honesty Lab, John was the Head of Coaching and Director of Content at the Clean Program where he developed educational modules and coached VIP clients. He has led live trainings at companies such as Google and Martha Stewart.

John is deeply committed to supporting people share themselves honestly, get over past hurts, and cultivate more intimate relationships with family, friends, and partners.

John has a BA in Philosophy and is a contributing author to two New York Times bestselling books, Clean Gut and Clean Eats. He is currently a resident-in-training at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.




Lindsay St. Antoine


“I spent so much of my life out of touch with my anger and resentment toward others, often moving around in the world like a passive aggressive, manipulative, ashamed, uptight ball of worry and stress. Creating a very deliberate honesty practice for myself has been the absolute most powerful antidote to the state mentioned above, and the surest action I’ve taken to get more in touch with my body and sensate reality, find immense satisfaction in communicating directly with others, and expressing myself in ways I never had before.” - Lindsay

Lindsay St. Antoine is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer and was co-leader of the Los Angeles, Austin, and Denver Radical Honesty Meetup groups. She has worked closely with Radical Honesty founder, Brad Blanton, for the past five years, filling many roles within Radical Honesty Enterprises, and she’s now the COO. She is most excited about the work she does coordinating and attending live workshops, and collaborating with the growing group of Radical Honesty Trainers.

Lindsay is dedicated to developing and supporting honest, thriving communities, in large part by being a self-righteous stickler for getting in touch with shame, embarrassment, and resentment, and expressing these things when they arise. She is particularly enthusiastic about working with and supporting folks in the Queer community, with couples (especially those that are operating in an “alternative” fashion) and others in open relationships, as well as those living in intentional communities and communal living arrangements. Lindsay currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

You can find Lindsay’s online coaching calendar, here.




Michael Alan Kolb


“It is difficult to transition into adulthood in a world full of adolescents. This honesty practice has been the most important work I've done in my personal journey of growing up and I'm hungry to surround myself with others who want to embark on this journey with me. There's a whole lot of road left for us to travel.”- Mak
Mak has a BA in Psychology and is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer. Since 2015, he has been a trainer-in-training under the guidance of Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and RH Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne.
Mak is committed to helping people develop the skills needed to live life out loud, to mend and build (and sometimes end) meaningful relationships and to ground themselves in experiential reality. He is particularly interested in the problems of existentialism, couples work and open relationships, confronting the self and dealing creatively with anger and conflict. He lives in Los Angeles and is building an Eco-Lodge/Retreat Center in San Juán de Diós, Costa Rica.




Tony Shawcross


Radical Honesty has given me greater access to understanding my body, my subconscious mind, and my internal biases and filters than I ever had before. I have a passion for unbridled, authentic conversations and collaborative creative expression through film, music and writing and Radical Honesty has contributed to all of that. ” -Tony

Tony developed and launched the Open Media Foundation, a visionary nonprofit communications firm based in Denver, CO, where he has helped thousands of organizations convey their message through media. Tony has produced dozens of videos for Radical Honesty and has developed training materials and in his 4 years of working with Brad Blanton and the Radical Honesty Community. 

The purpose of Tony's life is to use his joy for living, empathic spirit, and open mind to create a world in which people care for one another, ensuring everyone has the freedom to focus on consciously bringing about the world they want.