Honesty Lab

Real people. Real conversations.
Real transformation.


Honesty Lab Workshops change lives.

You want to know yourself better.
To express yourself fully.
To get over past hurts and shame.
You want deeper connection with yourself and others.
In essence, you want a life that’s alive.
Then you’re ready for an Honesty Lab workshop.

Our Workshop Offerings



Live Online Workshops

Our live online workshops are the easiest way to discover the power of Radical Honesty. These workshops vary from 1 to 3 days and give you the experience of sharing honestly in a supportive environment, all from the comfort of your home.

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Weekend Workshops

The Weekend Workshops takes place Friday night through Sunday afternoon and is the best, in-person introduction to Radical Honesty. Together we have a lot of fun by learning how to drop the charade, get over past hurt, shame, and fear, and develop, honest and nourishing relationships.



Radical Honesty Vacation

We’ve combined the power of a workshop with the fun and relaxation of a 4 to 6 day vacation. Mornings are for group work and afternoons and evenings are for connecting, exploring, and living honestly together.

Current locations: Costa Rica, Hawaii, Denver, North Carolina, and Bali.



8-Day Residential Workshops

This is not your mamby-pamby, cookie cutter personal development workshop. Our signature Radical Honesty workshop is for those who want to get over their shit and be happy!

In the 8-Day Workshop we live together and tell the truth to each other, learning how to drop our phoniness and connect deeply with ourselves and others.


Have a question about the workshops? 

Email John@honesty-lab.com or book a call here.